Makeup Revolution: Welcome to the Pleasuredome Salvation Palette 

OMG you guys! So, I was in Ulta a few months back, and I stumbled on the isle that is the Makeup Revolution. I picked up two eyeshadow palettes,an oil control setting spray, a strobe highlighter, among other goodies.

So, recently I have been loving my Flawless (one) palette and have been using the Salvation palette for the past couple of days,  and I’ve got to say, it is bomb! I love the color selection, you get six matte shades and twelve shimmer shades. I have been loving this with a capitol L.

 There is no fallout, the colors blend well on the lid, and you have variety which is awesome. The shimmer shades respond better with a wet brush (hint hint).  After trying both palettes,  I fell hard for Makeup Revolution, and cannot wait to try more products from their line. 

There are so many looks you can do with this palette, from mermaid to smokey, whatever your creative heart desires! 

You can find this at, for $10. 

Xoxo Beauties! 


3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Welcome to the Pleasuredome Salvation Palette ”

  1. I love Makeup Revolution. They don’t swatch as nice as they apply with a brush, which I think deters a lot of people, but I am also a big fan. I have they #slay palette and it’s it such a great little palette to throw in the purse when traveling.


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