Makeup Revolution: Welcome to the Pleasuredome Salvation Palette 

OMG you guys! So, I was in Ulta a few months back, and I stumbled on the isle that is the Makeup Revolution. I picked up two eyeshadow palettes,an oil control setting spray, a strobe highlighter, among other goodies.

So, recently I have been loving my Flawless (one) palette and have been using the Salvation palette for the past couple of days,  and I’ve got to say, it is bomb! I love the color selection, you get six matte shades and twelve shimmer shades. I have been loving this with a capitol L.

 There is no fallout, the colors blend well on the lid, and you have variety which is awesome. The shimmer shades respond better with a wet brush (hint hint).  After trying both palettes,  I fell hard for Makeup Revolution, and cannot wait to try more products from their line. 

There are so many looks you can do with this palette, from mermaid to smokey, whatever your creative heart desires! 

You can find this at, for $10. 

Xoxo Beauties! 

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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation a Must Have! for $12.99 or for $11.99 
I love this foundation! I was on the hunt recently for a new foundation,  and while on one of my many trips to Target, I happened upon this. Very lightweight, has an SPF of 20 which is awesome, this really looks “your” skin. It blended great, did not cake up on my t-zone or lines. 

It does not oxidize that bad, not like other foundations typically do. I found the foundation is best applied with a sponge or a brush either or works great. Also, another cool thing is the foundation looks great on its own, you don’t need a powder. If you are more oil prone, a translucent powder will work the best. 

A short post but I hope informative 🙂 

Xoxo Beauties

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Everything I am loving right now! 

Hi fellow beauty lovers! I am back with another post. I will be sharing what I am loving at the moment. 
Lets begin……. drumroll please!! 

First off let me say, I am loving the trio of haircare products by the brand Infusium. I have their Moisture &Replenish with avacado and olive oil. I have the shampoo, conditioner, and the leave-in treatment. 

This line is more for dry and damaged hair, if you have very fine or oily hair stay away!! These products smell awesome, work great together to leave my hair smooth while adding body (something I need!).
Shampoo & Conditioner are both $6.99 at Target

Leave-in treatment is $6.99 at Target

Next is the Got2b Volumaniac Bodify hairspray by Schwarzkoph which can be found on Ulta for $3.99 for 9.1oz. 

Right now this is my go-to hairspray I love it!! Plus for the price is you cant get a better deal, a little goes a long way, and it doesn’t make my hair super hard or tacky. 

Ahhhh Batiste who hasn’t heard of this awesome dry shampoo? This is my all time favorite dry shampoo, it doesn’t leave that horrible ehite cast in your hair and you can use this to add body to your locks if need be. This can be found at Target for $5.99 and up for 6.7oz. 

Aussie 3 minute Miracle Moist – 

This is a deep conditioner that I call a hair mask. I always leave this on my hair for longer than three minutes and OMG it makes your hair feel sooooo soft. Perfect for those of us with dry/ damaged/ normal hair. It beats other hair masks I have tried. This can be found at Target for $2.97 for 8 oz. 

Moving on, next is the Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress  facial mask by Freeman Beauty. I love this mask and others by Freeman. This brand is really affordable and offer a wide array of facial masks. 

These masks can be found on Ulta for $4.29 for 6oz. 

St. Ives Even and Bright Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub – 

I am on my second bottle of this scrub and yes it is a winner! First off the smell….. so amazing, second I love the way my skin feels and looks after using this! The only thing I would reccomend, is not to use it everyday. When I used it everyday it would cause breakouts for some reason but it’s totally up to you how you use this. 

This can be found at Target for $3.67 and you get 6oz. 

Freeman Beauty Infusion Brightening Overnight Mask- 

This does wonders for my skin and I love the price at only $8.99 on, this is a must have for sure! The mask is a jelly like consistency, you just cleanse your skin,  apply this to the face and go to bed. Next, wake up with your skin thanking you for that much needed moisture. This really is a great skincare item.  You get 5 oz of product.  

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser- $4.99 at Target. 

A lot of us here in the beauty community, think this is the dupe for Clinque Take the Day Off Balm, coming in at $28.00 at

 This product is the bomb at taking off makeup, especially eye makeup, which we all know can be stubborn more often than not. This product is a go to and a must have on my counter. It’s gentle formula doesn’t break me out, and leaves my skin very smooth and clean. 

Soap&Glory ‘Scrub Your Nose Into It’ Two minute T-zone Detox scrub- can be found at for $10.99 for 5oz. 

This tingles! So, you’ve been warned. I once put this stuff on my entire face, lets just say, I totally learned my lesson. This product only goes in the t-zone, and does a really good job up picking up dirt and grime. I only use this once a week or so along with my other scrubs. It also contains, D-glog microderm mud. 

E.L.F Hydrating Bubble Mask- can be found on for $14.00. 

This product is different, you have to push the  top of the container for the gel like substance to appear. And yes, it does turn to foam on your face much like shaving cream, but good news it leaves the skin smooth and squeaky clean. 

Garnier Skin Active Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Mask- can be found on for $13.69. 

I have been using this for almost a month now and I love this. I noticed a few small lines under my eyes a while back, but didn’t want to spend an arm and two legs on an eye cream. I saw this in my local Target on clearance and decided to try it.

 I am very glad I did, I like the feel of this mask it definietly had a unique feel and application, I made sure to apply this more so on my under eye area, but rest assured it is for the whole face.This really is a must have. 

Soap &Glory The Righteous Butter Body lotion and The Righteous Butter both can be found at the lotion is $10.99 and the body butter is $14.99. 

I would wait until Target has a sale on Soap & Glory, mine usually has S&G on sale for 20%, from time to time,  and that’s when I grab my stash. But, seriously these two products are like rubbing marshmellows on the skin, the smell of both are awesome, they both work amazing, so hydrating, packed full of vitamins and shea butter and aloe vera. You can’t go wrong with Soap & Glory products! 

So, that concludes my list of must haves and faves hope you enjoyed! 

Until next time

Xoxo Beauties 🙂 


Maybelline’s ‘Fit Me’ Review


Hi and welcome back to my blog! Today I will be reviewing the Maybelline Fit me Foundation and the powder as well and  including some info on both items.  I got the matte and poreless one and they also have a dewy and smooth.  Above, I have included links to both items on Ulta’s website. Both items on the site are $7.99, and if I remember correctly, that is the same price they both were in the Wal-Mart I bought them at.

So, lets talk about the foundation first. I am in the shade 120 Classic Ivory and Ulta has 32 shades on their site! You also get 1 fluid oz. ( pretty standard size for the drugstore),  I think that should cover just about everyone with the shade range ya think?!! Awesome shade range, and the price, heck you can’t beat that! I got this after watching a few of my YouTube gurus highly suggested this product.

The product is good, it has a little bit of a scent to it, but trust me it doesn’t smell like paint thinner either. It blends well, the classic ivory was a little too dark for my face after it oxidized , so I would suggest going one shade lighter with this foundation. I typically use a sponge or a brush when I apply this foundation and it does the trick! Wear time for me ranges because I live in a warm climate area, if it is cooler, it stays on a tad bit longer than it would if it were, lets say 100 degrees out! Wear time for me with this foundation is anywhere from 6 to 8 hours.

Moving on to the powder, it is very lightweight which I like, blends well again and in the powder they only have 8 shades, I have shade 120 to match the foundation but they also have a translucent shade that I would like to try out as well. You get 0.29 oz. of powder but it should last you a while.

I would recommend this duo!